So, We Moved.

We moved last week. I had it scheduled and planned and everything ready to go.  And then things happened.

Saturday prior to the move, the landlord of the old place decided that was the ONLY weekend to come get some things from the house (patio furniture, lawnmower, etc.).  Not only was she an hour late (without apology or explanation), but then it took an hour and a half for her to gather all of her stuff, effectively costing us a half day of productive time.

Monday prior to the move was Rex’s birthday. We spent the morning giving him the best birthday we could under the circumstances. When we got home, we discovered that our lovely elderly dog had eaten mouse poison. She’d knocked down a bin, bypassed the chocolate and the cat treats, and chewed into a box of poison.

Friends with pets: Know your poisons!  There are apparently two kinds. One is an anticoagulation toxin and the other is a neuro toxin. The first has an antidote, the second doesn’t.  I didn’t know there was a difference, but now I do.  We were lucky this time, but things could have been very, very different. And awful.

Thankfully, we were able to get her to the vet quickly where they emptied her stomach and fed her activated charcoal. Four nerve-wracking days later and she was pronounced out of the woods. We are beyond relieved to still have our sweet old girl with us.

The series of unfortunate events continued as the previous tenants of the new place took an extra week to vacate, which put the turnover way behind schedule. When we saw our place for the first time, it was with the full moving van parked outside.  The carpets were still wet from cleaning (and they stunk to high heaven with chemicals that took nearly a week to fade) and we discovered the lack of air conditioning as a heat wave arrived.  And then our couch wouldn’t fit through the door, even with professional movers working on it.

The schedule got further and further behind, resulting in grouchiness and late night packing and cleaning of the old place. We finished the final trailer load to storage last night and just have a load to go to my parents for further storage.

And through all of this? We were sick. Rex came down with the cold first and then shared it with his parents. I’m still getting over the last of the cough and snot while we unpack. But the little condo is growing on me. It’s certainly smaller and cozier than our last place (by about 1500 square feet), and the lack of AC was a challenge until I got more box fans.  So far, I only have three complaints (the shortness of the toilet, the lack of AC, and the condition of the outdoor space), but none of them are deal breakers or things we can’t work around/fix up.

All in all, I think we’re going to like it.


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