An Easy Fix for a Cheap Fridge

The new place we’re in is definitely a “builders grade” condo. As in, the cheapest fixtures and appliances they could get away with. It’s not as bad as some places I’ve seen, but there are definitely some luxuries we do not have. One of those luxuries? Glass shelves in the refrigerator.

Our fridge is decent sized and I’m grateful to have it, but the wire shelving was driving me CRAZY. Things would fall over, snag, and were just generally harder to get to. I did a little poking around online and the most common fix I saw was to get plexiglass cut to fit. So, I measured my shelves, packed up the kiddo, and off we went to Lowe’s to wander the plexiglass aisle.  (FYI, I browsed both Home Depot and Lowe’s online first and Lowe’s seemed to have the better selection in store.)

The plexiglass was a bit pricey, and good luck finding someone to cut it for you.  That’s when this caught my eye. It’s corrugated plastic sign board. Durable, lightweight, and cheap. For just over $10, I could do both shelves and have some left over.  Add a roll of contact paper and I had my supplies.

Ready to beautify your cheap fridge? Here it is in five easy steps!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

2015-06-17 15.44.30

  • Corrugated plastic sign board
  • Peel and stick shelf liner
  • Scissors
  • Sharp blade
  • Clear packing tape

Step 2: Cut shelf liner and apply

2015-06-17 15.57.09

Cut your shelf liner to size, peel and stick it to the board following the manufacturer’s directions.  Be generous with your liner size, you can trim it down later.

Step 3: Cut board to size

2015-06-17 16.00.06

Trim your board down by scoring it with the sharp blade, bending, and then cutting the other side.

Step 4: Position and tape

2015-06-17 16.01.34 2015-06-17 16.02.32

Position your board so it matches up with the front of your shelf. Tape in place, being sure to press the tape down into the grooves between the wires.

Step 5: Place in fridge and admire your handiwork

2015-06-17 16.04.09 2015-06-17 15.40.58

Stand back and admire your beautiful shelves.

Total Cost: ~$17.50
Total Time: <1 hour


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