Outdoor Upgrades

We are lucky that our little condo has a private fenced yard with a patio. I use the term “yard” loosely, as it is really just an area that isn’t concrete. The previous two tenants did not take care of the outdoor space of this place. According to the neighbor, one used it exclusively to store junk. This was deeply evident when we dug out this piece of rebar.

2015-06-17 19.26.56(My foot for scale. Roughly a women’s size 8-9.)

Our first upgrade was to give Chloe a more comfortable place to do her business. I purchased a 6’x8′ piece of faux grass from Home Depot. Once the rebar was no longer sticking up out of the ground, I was able to lay it down.

2015-06-17 19.38.20

I was going to trim it to fit, but Sam suggested that this would prevent spray into the neighbors’ yard when I hose it off. It isn’t done by any means, but at least Chloe has something that passes for grass. Today, I picked up some small edging blocks to make it look a bit more finished, but haven’t had a chance to lay them down.

The next upgrade was to replace the bamboo privacy fencing. The prior fencing had served it’s purpose, but was old and faded.  A new 6’x16′ roll, a dozen zip ties, and it looks much fresher.  (Do yourself a favor, buy long zip ties. I purchased 4″ ties, but they were a bear and a half to get around the fence and still catch the little end.)


The fencing obscures our lovely view of the neighbors’ carport and provides us with the illusion of privacy.  I also trimmed back the blackberry vines that were encroaching on our space.  Both upgrades were about $25 each.


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